Animal Cruelty, Ignorance, and Hypocrisy of Aerial Shooting


There is much talk about dog fighting rings, rodent murder for fetish feeding, and the videos that may fuel this kind of activity by furthering the profitability of its "entertainment" value. It is a deep and complex subject, particularly to one who is deeply offended by animal cruelty, but also sees the absolute value in protecting the first amendment. To me, it is the foundation of all of our other rights and shouldn't be circumscribed without great thought.

However, I will leave others with that debate for the moment to point out a much simpler, ironic fact. In the midst of all this hand wringing, the federal government and Supreme Court (to my knowledge based on what I have read) is either totally ignorant of, or oblivious to the brutal torture and murder of the Gray Wolf in Alaska, Idaho and several other western states. Not only is there widespread scientific disagreement about whether killing predators even increases prey population at all, but the heinous methods that states have been allowed to use to these animals are to me, unforgivable.

The methods of aerial chasing and shooting is so horrible and such a violation of the "Ethics of the Chase" doctrine that honorable hunters follow, that those same hunters have refused over and over again to go on these "missions." their everlasting credit.

I have seen dog fighting videos (at least recreated scenes in movies). I have seen other types of animal cruelty depicted in film or shown on the news. But I have never seen anything as sickening as the actual footage of aerial shooting that is on the Internet now. I don't recommend you watch it unless you really feel the need to see it for yourself.

Take my word for it. There is a massive irony in the fact that all this handwringing is going on over dog fighting and rodent smashing when state sanctioned torture of the animal that is the direct ancestor of our dogs is underway right now. Nothing could be more cruel; nothing could be more unfair; nothing could be less ethical than aerial shooting.

It’s not likely that this administration will do anything about this, given its suggestion of allowing the killing of bear and wolf cubs in their dens. But I certainly hope that somehow there is a change of heart, before a savvy adversary pulls out the video the next time we're posturing saying we're more civilized than some other country. All we'll be able to say is, "Whoops. We'll be back with another argument......."

(Story: Bill Cannon)



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