Bill Cannon, M.A., A.A.M.

Bill Cannon is the former editor-in-chief of Motor Age Magazine, and has won twelve editorial awards (including three national awards), and a Historical Research Award from the Grand Army of the Republic Museum, Philadephia, PA. The latter was given for his contributions to the archives of Civil War ancestry with regard to his relative, Lt. Colonel Thomas M. Hall. He holds a B.A. in Philosophy and an M.A. in Writing, Teaching & Literature from West Chester University of PA.
Bill grew up with a virtual zoo of animals that his family kept, including dogs, cats, rabbits, King and Pine snakes, iguanas, and many more. He also took to horseback riding, beginning with lessons at the age of seven. Bill has always loved animals and cared deeply about them. He began researching and writing about dogs and wolves while still an editor, and later wrote stories about them for classes in graduate school, and later on social media.
Bill’s essays on wolves came to the attention of Garrick Dutcher of Living with Wolves (LWW) in 2010, who later contacted him to begin a correspondence. He has been exchanging ideas and research with the Dutcher family ever since. Bill’s poem, “Selfsame Hands,” has run twice on the LWW Facebook page, both times garnering more than 180,000 Reads worldwide, 300 Shares, and 10,000 Likes in the first 36 hours. 
Finally, Bill is a pianist, singer and songwriter, and has played professionally and semi-professionally since the age of 14. 
He continues to give his presentations, “In Every Domestic Dog Beats the Heart of a Gray Wolf,” and, "A Sword in the Attic: Searching for Thomas Hall," up and down the East Coast to enthusiastic audiences.