Bill provides a 60-90 minute long presentation called, "In Every Domestic Dog Beats the Heart of a Gray Wolf." It features more than 35 Powerpoint slides of dogs, wolves, and Native American sayings about the gray wolf, along with facts about the social nature of wolves and dogs. The talk has been given from New England to Florida at museums, retirement/nursing homes, and for high school class audiences. People seem to be fascinated to learn why their pet dogs do the things they do, in relation to a life in the wild. The author is able to travel, and would be happy to discuss your residential, scholastic or corporate event.

"Do you love dogs but find yourself puzzled by some of their quirky behavior? Bill Cannon captivates an audience as he explores the relationships between our pets and their evolutionary ancestor, the gray wolf. His presentation will help you understand how the world-wide variety of domesticated dogs all trace their genetic make-up to a species that is struggling to survive in the contemporary world."
-Ernie Kimmel, Monday Topics Committee [twice-monthly speaker series] at Kendal at Longwood life care community in Kennett Square, PA.