Recommended Readings/Viewings

Reading List of Sources from the Presentation:

 “In Every Domestic Dog Beats the Heart of a Gray Wolf”

By Bill Cannon,    


Revised: 2/7/18


The Hidden Life of Wolves                                    National Geographic

Jim and Jamie Dutcher                                             

(The Best General Primer on the Gray Wolf I have found)


Wolves at our Door                                                A Touchstone Book

Jim and Jamie Dutcher                                             

(A wonderful love story about two human beings, and the wolves they shared their lives with—The Sawtooth Pack)


Of Wolves and Men                                                 Charles Scribner’s Sons

Barry Holstun Lopez                                                

(An intelligent and informed examination of many aspects of wolves)


A History of Dogs                                                    Yale University Press

Marion Schwartz

(An academic and through history of dogs in the Early Americas)


A Wolf Called Romeo                                              Mariner Books

Nick Jans                                                                   

 (The delightful, bittersweet tale of a wolf that defied its kinds’ image)


The Emotional Lives of Animals                          New World Library

Marc Bekoff                                                              

 (A remarkable look at the emotions of myriad animals)


Wolves, Behavior, Ecology & Conservation       University of Chicago Press

Edited by L. David Mech and Luigi Boitani            

(An academic tour de force, and a compendium of field studies by the world’s foremost wolf experts)


A Wolf in the Parlor                                                Henry Holt & Company                 

Jon Franklin                                                              

(A charming tale of a journalist’s revelations about dogs and their special place in humans’ lives, along with a provocative theory on the unwritten contract between wolves and humans)


Dog Watching                                                           Random House

Desmond Morris                                                       

(The grandfather of zoology explains in plain language the reasons that many of our dogs’ strange behaviors in domesticity make perfect sense in a life in the wild)


Wolfer: A Memoir                                                   BottleFly Press

Carter Neimeyer

(A brutally honest memoir of a former government tracker and hunter of wolves, who has now become one of the foremost advocates for the gray wolf)


The Dog’s Mind                                                        Howell Book House

Bruce Fogle, D.V.M   

(A Medical Perspective on Many Aspects of Dogs by a Veterinarian)


The Secret Life of Dogs                                          Ten Speed Press

Victoria Stillwell

(Premier Dog Trainer and Advocate Victoria Stillwell writes compassionately and compellingly about how to understand our dogs for a better relationship with them)


Shadow Mountain                                                   Anchor Books

Renee Askins

(A memoir of one woman’s fifteen year, successful quest to bring wolves back to Yellowstone. A must for anyone interested in the story of how it happened.)





In The Spirit of the Earth                                       Johns Hopkins University Press

Calvin Luther Martin

(A highly intellectual book, but also a readable and fascinating tale of the history of human beings, along with our animal companions. Not as focused on dogs and wolves per se, but an excellent background for understanding the context of hunter gatherers’ relationships to animals, the effects of agriculture, and more)


Touch the Earth                                                       Promontory Press

  1. C. McLuhan

(One of the most beautiful collections of writings of Native Americans and their relationships to nature, animals, and the spiritual realm)



(The premier gray wolf education and advocacy group. A family non-profit run by Jim, Jamie, and Garrick Dutcher, along with a notable board of advisors.)

(The sanctuary begun by Marie Ferguson and her husband in Etta, MS features a live web cam of the rescued wolves in their everyday lives there, wolf merchandise, and more.)