Story of Selfsame Hands

 I had been reading about the cruelty and irrational persecution that has been perpetrated against the gray wolf over the centuries, as well as the myths that have been propagated about her/him. It occurred to me that the gray wolf was created by the same magnificent force and in the same way as the human species, and with a purpose. The term, "Selfsame Hands," kept occurring to me for more than a year. One morning, I woke up with the first three verses having been given to me, virtually word for word. I simply wrote them down. The last verse (at that time it was four verses), took a few more days, and then I put it on the Living with Wolves' Facebook page as a regular comment.

Living with Wolves noticed the poem, and decided to run it as a feature item, accompanied by one of Jim Dutcher's wolf portrait photos. "Selfsame Hands," was featured this way in 2013, and again in 2015. Each time it ran on Living with Wolves' Facebook page, it garnered more than 180,000 Reads, 10,000 Likes, 300 Shares, and scores of comments from around the world within 36 hours. It is now being offered as a poster to further the work of Living with Wolves, and the writings and educational presentations of the author around the U.S.